Rental Tree House "Il Rifugio nel Bosco"

Duration: various options
Period: From March to December

Services include: Services included: For the tree house includes a number of tasks equal to five per 24 hours rental, planned with the customer including those listed below: acrobatic trails in night, acrobatic paths in daylight (twice), Archery, orienteering, tree climbing with tree climbing techniques, orienteering race or treasure hunt, climbing on 'tree, Powerfan, hike mountain bike..

Minimum pax: Two people


Minimum number of pax: 2
Minimum booking period: 24 hours
Maximum booking period: 96 hours consecutive
Price per person: * € 90 - € 120 **

- third and fourth person;
- two days onwards, consecutive;
- children and boys;
- weekdays only;

* Festive or Weekdays (not pre-holiday)
** pre-holiday or August

For those who want to stay more than two days, you can request the combination curtain suspended + treehouse.